El cuadro que dio nombre al Impresionismo - Claude Monet ...

Impresionism began in France around 1870. A goup of painters decided to paint ourdoors to capture the changes of light and atmosphere. To reflect these changes they used loose brushstrokes and pure colors.

Eduardo Manet. Biografía

The subject  of the paintings also change. No more mithology or historical events as they preferred landscapes, urban scenes , dancers or horse races.   

Degas - Dancers, 1878 - Painting Reproduction - Canvas Art ...

Here you have summarized the characteristics of the Impressionism.

  •  Everyday life. Impresionists presented leisure activities, everyday life of the upper middle class: piano classes, landscapes, horse races, ballet dancers or cabarets. The paintings were focused on ordinary people doing everyday activities.

Baile en el Moulin de la Galette - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

  • Light and color. The most important challenge for impressionist painters was to capture light and atmosphere. They tried to reflect the effects of light at different times of day and different weather conditions. 

Claude Monet, La Catedral De Ruan - Red Arte

  • Brushstrokes changed radically because impressionists painted quickly with visible brushwork. You can see differences when you look the paintings close or far away. The way painters applied color also changed. They did not mix the colors on the palette, they just applied in the canvas and the viewers will mix the colors together. On the other hand, each painer had his or her style when applying painting on the canvas.

Técnica del pincel: tipos de pinceladas y estilos pictóricos ...

  • The new tube paint and the idea of reflecting light changes , painters worked outdoors instead of the studio which made very different versions of the same place depending on light and weather.

Gustave CAILLEBOTTE “Calle de París en un día de lluvia”, 1877 ...









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