María Sanz works as a high school Social Science teacher and she has been implementing Social Studies blogs for teachers where she includes her thoughts on main Geography and History topics as well as diverse classroom resources and  useful worksheets either in English and Spanish. If you are interested in these topics you could check her other blogs: http://www.travellingacrosstime.com, http://www.3travellingacrosstime.com  and http://www.viajandoatravesdeltiempo4.com.


These Social Studies blogs are divided according to the subjects taught in Spain. Travelling acrosstime is about  Physical Geography as well as covers Prehistory and Ancient History topics. 3 Travelling across time reflects Maria´s toughts on Economic Geography as well as Early Modern History. Viajando a través del tiempo 4 can be considered the Spanish version of this 4 Travelling across time blog, as many teachers in Bilingual Programs also cover Social Studies in Spanish.


Maria Sanz is also a personal shopper, stylist and fashion blogger and the creator of the blog Rellenita a la moda. Her experience as personal shopper and high school educator provides excellent tools to help plus size women to achieve personal style. Rellenita a la moda started to empower plus size women, however, over the time, blog posts include a variety of topics from outfits to beauty, personal style and how to adapt fashion trends with confidence. Maria´s personal goal is to teach women about achieving their personal style regardless their size. Confidence and acceptance are the basement of personal style and always will be promoted by Rellenita a la moda. If you like to start a journey to self- positivity and polish your  style, join Rellenita a la moda.




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