Multiple things changed after World War II ended. Much of Europe and Asia was destroyed by the fighting and bombings. On the other hand, many  borders needed to be redesigned as Japan and Germany took many territories during the war.


Germany  occupied much of Europe during World War II.

Almost all of the countries in Western Europe returned to the same governments and borders they had before the war. Nevertheless, Germany was divided up into Eastern and Western Germany. The Eastern part was controlled by the USSR and the Western part by the Allies. The USSR also took control of many of the countries in Eastern Europe including Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, and Czechoslovakia.

Western Europe was ruined as roads, bridges, buildings and cities were destroyed in the war. The United States offered financial aid in the  the Marshall Plan to contribute to economic recuperation.


After the Second War World, US and the Allies occupied Japan and the country was under allied control during its recovery from the war. Japan  became an independent from 1952.

Korea was divided into North and South Korea by the Allies and the USSR . The plan was for Russia to control the North and the Allies the South until a free election s would take place in the whole country. However, this has not happened yet and the country is still split and North Korea controlled by communists.

A civil war between nationalists and communists  began before World War II started and it continued after the war ended. It was won by the communists which remained in the mainland while the nationalists fled to Taiwan.

War Crimes

After the war, Japanese and German leaders were brought to trial because they had violated the Geneva Convention  about war regulations as well as they and committed crimes against humanity such as the Holocaust, slave labor, and terrible treatment and torture of prisoners of war. Many leaders were executed for their crimes. United Nations

The Allies formed the United Nations  to prevent another World War. The United Nations organization was created on October 24, 1945. There were 51 original member nations including 5 permanent Security Council members: China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Yalta. The Big 3.

The Cold War

It began in Europe which was divided into the Eastern Bloc of nations and the West. The Eastern Bloc was controlled by the Soviet Union. These countries had communist governments and formed the alliance called the Warsaw Pact. The Western countries with the United States, formed the NATO against communism.

These two alliances, NATO and the Warsaw Pact, would take part in an arms race known as the Cold War. The Cold War never escalated into full war due to the fear of what would happen to the world if many countries started dropping atomic bombs. The Cold War  lasted for almost 45 years.


wwii timeline coloured


end of world war ii

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