Dada Phone - by Tristan Tzara, Paris, 1920 | Tristan tzara, Dada ...

This literary and artistic movement, Dada, originated in Zürich, Switzerland, in 1916, when a group of artists and performers disillusioned by World War I and the current state of art randomly decided to create the movement. Dadaism is antiestablishment, denounced pretension in the art world and supported the absurd and illogical in place of traditional artistic values.

Cadeau', Man Ray, 1921, editioned replica 1972 | Tate
Jean (Hans) Arp. Del Dadaismo al Surrealismo Abstracto. Escultura ...

The founders of the movement, included  Hugo Ball, a theater director, and Jean  Arp,  as well as the Romanian poet Tristan Tzara. Over the next few years, the Marcel Duchamp, Francis Picabia, Max Ernst and the American photographer Man Ray joined Dadaism.

Jean Hans Arp. Automatic Drawing, 1917-1918 | Jean arp, Arte ...
Egouttoir ; Séchoir à bouteilles ; Hérisson

Dadaism began in 1915 in Zurich and by the end of World War II many Dadaists went on exile and the movemement became less active.

Previsualización de la obra

“Dada” in French is a child’s word for “hobby-horse”. Dadaism artworks have no meaning and interpretation depends on the viewer. The base of the movement is nonsense and it emerged as a response to the frustration and confusion derived from World War I. Through this rejection of traditional culture and aesthetics they hoped to reach a personal understanding of the true nature of the world around them.

Biografía de Francis Picabia, movimiento Dada en París agosto 2020
dadaismo pintura - Buscar con Google

The main characteristics of Dadaism were:

  • elementary
  • anonymous and collective
  • spontaneous, random, and provocative
  • toy-like
  • primitive
  • organic and biomorphic




One thought on “DADAISM

  1. My belief about this movement is a bit optimistic. I don’t feel that the arts influenced by this movement was to denounce the culture and traditional arts but to represent the state of mess that the minds of middle class peoples were in after the World War I. I also believe that the artists were trying to represent the contrasting violent and mediocre thoughts of the people compared to the peaceful and productive ones during the Renaissance. Although a lot of people have already told me that i’m just too much optimistic and that the artists of Dadaism are just a group of haters who wanted to become relevant without any talent, i’ve stood by this thought as a method of remembering something as wasteful as this.😂😂


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