Philip V of Spain was Louis XIV ´s grandson so he had a French background.When he came to Spain, he was accompanied by French counselors with the idea of implementing a centralized monarchy. Therefore he wanted to create a centralized modern state to finish with the Habsburgs´ system of council. He was inspired in Louis XIV ruling.

Philip V issued the Decretos de Nueva Planta to centralized institutions and economy. These Laws had the following consequences:

  • He abolished the special laws (fueros) of the Crown of Aragón affecting Cataluña, Aragón, Valencia and Majorca.

  • Castilian law was applied to the whole country.
  • Madrid was the capital city of the kingdom and castilian was the official language.
  • He also created intendentes who were poserful civil servants to control local authorities, to collect taxes and to implement economic reforms.

PHILIP V’S FOREIGN POLICY • Second Pacto de Familia was signed in 1743 and we had to help France in the War of Succession ...

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