Suffrage is the right to vote in public, political elections.

Suffrage is granted to qualifying citizens once they have reached the voting age. What constitutes a qualifying citizen depends on the government’s decision, but most democracies no longer extend differing rights to vote on the basis of sex or race.

There are different types of suffrage:

  • Universal suffrage consists of the right to vote without restriction due to sex, race, social status, education level, or wealth. It typically does not extend the right to vote to all residents of a region; distinctions are frequently made in regard to citizenship, age, and occasionally mental capacity or criminal convictions.
  • Women’s suffrage is, by definition, the right of women to vote.This was the goal of the suffragists in the United States and the suffragettes in Great Britain. & black land owners.
  • “censitary suffrage” means that those eligible to vote are not equal, but are weighed differently according to the person’s rank in the census, mainly education and wealth.

  • Where compulsory suffrage exists, those who are eligible to vote are required by law to do so.


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