In 1968 the Glorious Revolution forced queen Isabella II to go on exile. A provisional government was formed. The government established a new Constitution in 1868 which is considered as the most democratic Spanish constitution in the 19th century as it recognized freedom of expression, freedom of press, right of meeting and association, male universal suffrage and complete separation of powers.

After the provisional government two different forms of State took place:

  • The democratic monarchy  (1871-73). The Provisional Government and mainly general Prim looked for a new king after queen Isabella´s abdication and Amadeo of Savoy was appointed. Amadeo I was not well accepted by Republicans, Bourbon dynasty´s supporters and generals. Amadeo was not able to face their oppossition so he abdicated in 1873 and the First Republic was proclaimed.

  • The First Republic (1873-74) was a period of political inestability as 4 presidents were appointed in less than two years. Some of the problems faced by the Republic were the Carlist war, the War in Cuba and the insurrection of municipalities  led to the Bourbon Restoration in 1875. On the other hand, republicans were divided into two groups:      

Unionists wanted a centralist state

+  Federalists supported a decentralized state.

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