Resultado de imagen de map showing totalitarian regimes in 1930s


After WWI democracy experienced a decline in central and southern Europe since totalitarian regimes rose supported by the middle class unsatisfied with their lower standard of living due to the crisis. On the other hand, USA, France and United Kingdom continued with their democratic systems.


Totalitarian parties had absolute control of power and the main characteristics of totalitarian regimes are:

  • Authoritarian political system which means power is held in hands of the state by a charismatic leader who demands blind obedience. There is no personal freedom or political pluralism in totalitarian regimes. Opposition is violently suppressed.

  • Economic and social control from the state. Governments are anti-capitalists or anti-communist. There is a solid control of social media, education via censorship and propaganda
  • Lack of equality since the ruling party members are superior to the rest of society. Persecution of races or foreigners. Fanatism, symbols, parades, unfirms and emblems unify the followers.

  • Ultra-nationalism in form of being proud of the greatness of the nation, demand of new territories or territorial expansion.
  • Militarism strong army and arm race to prove of power and prestige.



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