Realism is considered as the accurate presentation of forms, perspective, light and color. The Realist movement began in France after the Revolution of 1848 as a rejection of Romanticism and a way of criticism of the society in the 19th century.

The main characteristics of Realism in painting are:

  • Deliberate rejection of  Romanticism.

Pintura: Honoré Daumier

  • Uses light and shadow to depict three-dimensional forms and weight.

Resultado de imagen de cuadros de daumier

  • Portrays people with honesty and no idealization. Present objets, figures and landscapes as they really appear.

Resultado de imagen de cuadros de millet

  • The subject of the painting is based on ordinary genre scenes of people in their everyday lives.

Resultado de imagen de las aventadoras pintura realistaResultado de imagen de el vagon de tercera

  • The use of muted and earthy colors

Resultado de imagen de el entierro courbet

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